Bottle Printer and Custom Printing

Are you looking to add a water bottle printer or cylindrical printing to your business? Check
out the options below for UV printing bottles and other rotary products.

Water bottles are a popular product and everyone wants them customized. A digital decoration method like UV printing makes water bottle decoration easy. Whether it is a small-format Mimaki UV printer or a dedicated rotary printer like the Revolution 360, direct print opens more options than label applications.

Full color,  gradients, texture, variable data like names/numbers, and seamless full wraps are easily achievable.


How many water bottles or other drinkware items do you need to decorate? First you need to look at your own product demand. If it is a small number of products, then you may want to add an attachment to a UV flatbed printer like the Mimaki UJF-6042. If your quantities are larger, a dedicated UV rotary printer like the Revolution 360 or Quad Rev 360 may be the best bet.


How about print features and effects? Want that wow factor? You can add spot varnish to your full color prints. Or on clear water bottles, utilize mirror printing to show color on the inside and the outside of the print.


Water bottles take a beating. How’s the ink adhesion? You’ll want a solution that yields the best bond of the ink to the water bottle. Ensure that your products can pass scratch and dishwasher tests by selecting the right equipment. For tough materials, use the PYROBOND 4 system to pre-treat water bottles before printing.

UV Rotary Printer for Water Bottle and Tumbler Printing