Aluminum Printer & Anodized Aluminum Printing

Are you looking to add an aluminum printer or need anodized aluminum printing in your business? Check out the options below for UV printing aluminum products.

The entire UV printer product line from IDS allows for the durable printing and decoration of aluminum products. Whether they are aluminum sheets, anodized aluminum plates, or aluminum drinkware products, there is a UV print solution that can deliver from production run to  production run.

Full color, gradients, photos, texture, and variable data like names/numbers are easily achievable with the Mimaki, PRISMA, and Revolution 360T UV printers.

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Digital UV Printer for aluminum printing
UV digital inkjet printer for printing aluminum


Is the print durable? UV ink cures well to many aluminum products and carries high abrasion resistance. Depending on the material properties or coatings, a pretreatment and/or an adhesion promoter may be needed prior to printing. For difficult substrates, we recommend the PYROTRACK or PYROBOND 4 GL systems to pretreat products before decorating.

Full color? Barcodes? Clear Varnish Coat? What are you looking to decorate. Aluminum products represent one of the largest base material substrates when it comes to UV printing. Aluminum water bottles, trophy plates, dial faces and much more continue to fill up UV printing labs. You’ll want a printer that can grow with your demand but also your decoration abilities. Maybe you only need single color decorating right now. However, your system should allow you to offer full color, barcodes, and other custom aspects that can boost profit margins.

Applicable Printers: PRISMA Z-Max, Mimaki UJF-6042 MKII e, Revolution 360T, QuadRev 360


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