Serial Plate Printer & Tool Marking

Are you looking to add tool marking or need to print on serial plates? Check out the options below for UV printing directly on industrial parts, dial faces, and serial plates.

With the UV flatbed printers from IDS, the marking and customization of tools and serial plates are possible. Plus, it can all be done in full color. Equipped with CMYK, white, and varnish inks, the Mimaki and PRISMA industrial inkjet printers can deliver fine detail, small text, bar codes, and variable data to a wide range of materials.

Whether the base substrate is metal, plastic, or aluminum,  operators can be confident in producing a long-lasting print.

UV printing continues to replace analog technologies for its range of applications and scalability to short and long runs. What will you decorate? Use the form on this page to connect with our printing experts. We would love to provide you with a printed sample.

Mimaki UV printer for printing watch dials and industrial labels
UV digital inkjet printer for printing aluminum

what to look for in tool marking equipment

Printing Fine Detail & Variable Data: You’ll want to look for a complete system (software and printer) that allows you to EASILY work with variable data – serial numbers, barcodes, etc. The team of IDS print experts also recommends having samples produced so you can gauge overall print quality and clarity of small text. Ask for a watch dial and you may be amazed on the level of detail UV printing can achieve.

Durability of the print: Industrial tools, serial plates, and dial faces aren’t going to just sit on a shelf for display purposes. They will be used, cleaned, and potentially spilled on. Operators will need to ensure proper adhesion is achieved to the substrate and they need to be confident in the ink formulation’s ability to stand up to being cleaned, wiped, and handles.

Applicable Printers: PRISMA Z-Max, Mimaki UJF-6042 MKII e

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