Our 30 years of product decoration expertise provides us with a comprehensive approach to custom decoration.

Beginning with our graphic design team, we will assist with artwork format, manipulation or creation. We can accommodate any project size. We are equipped with the latest technology and have an incredibly smooth and efficient ordering process. Simply send us your artwork and the substrate you would like it printed on to allow for testing.  Then we are able to custom decorate your product and ship to it’s final location.

In addition to digital printing, we also offer pad printing, hot stamping, laser engraving and silkscreen.

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Industries Served

Advertising, Appliance, Automotive, Bottle Closures, Ceramics, Clocks/Watches, Computers, Cosmetics, Electronics, Food, Furniture, Glass, Hardware, Housewares, Medical, Packaging, Photography, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Toys, Etc.

Quality Control

Our quality control department is committed to meeting all customer quality standards from general to medical grade. You can be confident that we inspect 100% of our decorated parts for quality assurance.

Product Assembly

in conjunction with our decoration services we also offer assembly of components required to complete the end product. All decorated parts are inspected on the production line to meet customer standards and requirements.

Packaging & Shipping

Decorated product can be packaged for customer pick up, delivery to customer or drop shipped, if required. IDS can handle and arrange all shipping requirements including bar coding product and special shipping requirements.

Environmentally Sound

All waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. IDS fully complies with state and federal environmental standards in the disposal of waste materials. UV ink does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

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