Wood Printer and DIGITAL PRINTING ON Wood Products

Are you looking to add a wood printer or need to print on wood products for your business? Check out the options below for UV printing directly on raw wood and wooden items.

There is no doubt, UV printing is the optimal method for digitally decorating wood products. Whether they are large items like cornhole boards or those that are smaller in size like plaques, a direct to substrate wood UV printer offers a lot of benefits for small and large production runs.

Our complete line of Mimaki and PRISMA UV flatbed printers provide operators with the ability to add full-color, photo-quality images, logos, and graphics on raw and finished wood products. Plus, each system is complete with CMYK, White, and Varnish inks. That means beautiful prints can be achieved on the darkest of materials.

What will you decorate? Signs? Plaques? Cigar boxes? Use the form on this page to connect with our printing experts. We would love to provide you with a printed sample.

Digital UV printer for wood products
Wood printer for Plaques, Cornhole, Coasters

What to Look for in a Wood Printer

Are you decorating wood products now? If so, how is that process working? Many companies looking for a digital wood printer are fed up with their paint, stencil, or screen printing capabilities. They want to be able to offer customized wood products with ease. Hello UV printing.

You’ll want full control. Printing to a piece of raw or stained wood? Print a base layer of varnish (clear ink) to keep the material from absorbing the all important white ink. You can also use your varnish to add a water mark or high gloss effect to really build the wow factor?

Applicable Printers: PRISMA Z-Max, Mimaki UJF-6042 MKII e

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