UV Printer for Promo Product Printing

Are you looking to add a UV printer or promotional product printing to your business? Check out the options below for UV printing to these popular promotional products.

Versatility and speed. That is the name of the game when it comes to promotional product printing and UV printers are more than ready for the challenge. Complete with CMYK, white, and varnish (clear) inks, the UV printers offered by IDS can print many of the products you may throw at it. Tins, pens, notebooks, coasters, golf balls, baseballs, bottles and much more can be decorated in full color.

Need to print small runs? Need to print gradients? UV printers are the way to go.

Photos, texture effects, and variable data like names and jersey numbers are easily achievable with the Mimaki, PRISMA, and Revolution 360T UV printers.

Use the form on this page to request printed samples or to connect with one of our print experts to discuss the best UV printer option for your business.

Mimaki phone case printer for promo products
Mimaki UV printer acrylic coasters promo products

What to Look for in a UV Printer

Can the printer keep up? A lot of printers can move fast. The question here is how does the print look at those speeds? Many people can’t sell those draft speeds you see sprawled over trade shows and print events. With the UV printers from Innovative Digital Systems, print with speeds designed to meet production at the quality that enhances your profitability. Print fast and print well.

Height clearance and printable area need to be considered. You’ll want a printer that allows you to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the versatility UV printing offers. The height clearance to print a soccer ball. The printable area to maximize custom phone cases or acrylic coaster jobs. Don’t turn down or farm out the jobs. Print and profit yourself.

Applicable Printers: PRISMA Z-Max, Mimaki UJF-6042 MKII e


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