Are you looking to add a UV printer for tumblers or drinkware printing capability to your business? 

Whether they’re from a name brand or not, 20oz or 30oz, plastic or powder coated, tumblers are as popular as ever. Rest assured, it’s easy to add color and customization to many items in this market.

Anchored by our Revolution 360T printer, our UV rotary printer line is among the best and newest in the industry to imprint cylindrical and tapered flat-walled objects, such as tumblers. Use the form on this page to request printed samples or to connect with one of our print experts to discuss the best UV printer option for your business.

Identify the best uv printer for tumblers

What to Look for in a PRINTER FOR TUMBLERS

Can the printer accommodate your demand? It’s a simple question: how many tumblers do you need to print in an hour, shift, or week? The line of IDS rotary printers has an option with print speeds to fit any production need.

How does the printer handle the tumbler’s shape? The IDS engineering team is well versed in the requirements needed to properly hold and fixture a tumbler for printing. Whether its a slim 20oz tumbler or the popular 30oz shape, the IDS printer line can easily accommodate it.

Does the ink stick? Tumblers can take a beating. You’ll want a solution that yields the best bond of the ink to the tumbler. Ensure that your products can pass scratch tests by selecting the right equipment. For tough materials, use a wipe on primer or the PYROBOND 4 GL system to pre-treat items before printing.

Applicable Printers: Revolution 360T, TwinRev 360, QuadRev 360

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Spot varnish effects are an easy way to highlight certain areas of your full-color UV print. Plus, there’s the option of printing it without white or color to yield a watermark-type of effect. 

Want to highlight a certain aspect in the art file? Or maybe add an etched look to clear substrates? What about adding texture? Then varnish and the spot gloss function can help. Connect with an IDS Application Specialist via the form higher on this page to discuss how this amazing effect can open more creativity on your tumbler and drinkware printing.

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