The UV Printer Price: What to Look For


It’s a simple but very popular question. UV flatbed printers fit a wide range of sizes, applications, and budgets. Because of that range, a UV printer price or quote can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Understanding what is included is the only way to truly identify the best value for your business.

Oftentimes, a publicly displayed price might be a “printer only” amount. However, there’s typically a package associated with the initial purchase to ensure you hit the ground running when the printer arrives for installation.

Use this list as a guide when reviewing or inquiring about a current UV printer price or promotion.

UV Ink Price & Size

You can’t drive your car without gas (or electricity in some cases) and you can’t print anything without ink. It is important to understand if the printer package being quoted includes ink and more importantly, how much is included and at what size?

It sounds like common sense, but ensure you look at the quantity or size of the bottles on the quote. As one would assume, the best value for your dollar lies with purchasing ink in larger quantities – i.e. liter bottles over 220ml bottles – so don’t just glance at the list price. Some manufacturers have 220ml bottles of ink that cost more than liter bottles from other manufacturers. You will need more ink at some point, know what to expect when it’s time to place that next order.

Other ink-related questions to consider: How can you purchase or reorder more UV ink? Can you purchase it online at a site like or do you have to contact the manufacturer directly?

Installation, Service & Support

Buying a UV printer is an investment and getting the most out of that investment starts with your training and installation. You won’t find many UV printer owners who feel that a virtual option is better than in person training. That’s why at IDS, we send our techs to your facility for multiple days (the number of days vary depending on the printer model). Simply put, it’s more engaging and powerful to do it this way. You will leave the installation and training set up for success. Just like with the ink quantity noted above, don’t just glance at the price of this line item. Understand what you are getting so you can assign the proper value to it.

Another big item on your checklist will be the type of support you’ll receive. Even the best of operators may need to contact the tech support group from time to time. It could be software related or it could be something mechanical. Make sure you know what you are getting into with your printer’s support subscription.

Questions to consider: Is there phone and email access to the UV printer support team? How long will I wait to get a response? What are other customers experience like with the support group? Are there videos or documentation available to help with simple tasks?

Again, your printer will be an investment. You want a team that is ready to help you if the need arises.

UV Printer Accessories

Accessories can help expand the versatility and overall production of your printer. Often times, it is advantageous to buy those items at the start so you can be trained on them during your installation.

Your demand may change quickly so you’ll want to ensure you have access to the items needed to capitalize on a potential shift in customer demand.

Questions to consider: Does your current quote include any accessories or add-ons? Does the cost of the attachments change if you were to purchase them at a later date? What about jigs and fixtures? Do you need to create your own or can you purchase them as needed?

A UV Printer Price
Shouldn’t Be Confusing

The quote should be easy to understand and follow. If it isn’t, don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are a lot of great options out there, but buyers can still rush their decision before reviewing AND UNDERSTANDING everything listed on the quote.

One last huge reminder: Verify that the quote lists out everything that YOU want because if you are financing the equipment, the process can slow down in a big way if things need to be added to the quote once your paperwork is submitted.

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